Russell Crowe Thriller “Unhinged” aims to be the first mainstream film to be released after movie theaters reopen

If movie chains are to reopen in July (which, for the moment, may be optimistic), the first widely available film available to American audiences should be the thriller by Russell Crowe Disturbs. This is the plan for the moment.

The film is currently scheduled for release on July 1. That would give him a 16-day start over that of Christopher Nolan Principle, which is still scheduled for July 17.

In addition to this ambition, Disturbs will be the first release of the new independent film company, Solstice Studios. The July 1 target date is certainly a daring / risky goal for Solstice, given that the coronavirus has closed a large majority of theaters nationwide (especially those in large markets). But some states, including Texas, are beginning to remove restrictions that allow places like theaters to operate with limited capacity that will distribute the audience so that no one is sitting right next to each other.

Mark Gill, who is the president and chief executive officer of Solstice, said that he came to the idea after being convinced that theaters were putting in place procedures that would revive the industry, including scheduling separation and the strengthening of cleanings.

Gill acknowledged that some key markets may not be open when the film is released. Note that hours after the first story in this story by Deadline, Los Angeles has announced that it will extend the foreclosure orders until July.

So, yes, that seems prescient.

But, despite everything, Gill counts on a strong demand after several months of closing of the public inside.

“If there are places where density is a factor and theaters are not open, that’s fine,” Gill said. “Theaters may be closed in New York, Chicago or San Francisco, but less populated cities and suburbs will be open and we expect strong pent-up demand.”

In addition to noting that theaters will work in tandem with health services to follow the new guidelines when they reopen, Solstice also alluded to an internal survey they conducted which showed that more than 80% of the 1,000 respondents said they wanted to go to the movies in July. These results apparently surprised the company, as they expected something around 40%.

The crazy circumstances created by the pandemic also make it the extremely rare case where a smaller film can push their release in the summer and still earn a lot of money. Disturbs was originally scheduled for September 4, but now is the date A quiet place II is expected to be released after being pushed back from its original March 8 date by the virus.

“We would be killed if we stayed [on that original release date]Added Gill. “The idea is not to be somewhere where you can get run over by a super tanker.”

Disturbs will talk about a woman who finds herself drawn into a bad case of road rage after honking the wrong person’s horn.

As for large industry, it is not clear whether Principle will still see a release on July 17. Warner Bros., the company that releases this film, is expected to make a final decision, which will be released in a few days.

Obviously, every plan you just read is subject to change.

You can look Disturbsis the first trailer above.

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