Narcy from Montreal lives in the new album Now ‘Love & Chaos’

Montreal rapper Narcy may have released his latest album, Love and chaos, over a period of five weeks during the pandemic, but this spiritual continuation of its 2018 Space-time does not specifically relate to the pandemic.

“I didn’t want to make a pandemic album,” said Narcy. “It’s about the macro and micro of life. It’s about the present moment, but it’s more about me and the creators around me who have to change their lives because of it.”

A self-proclaimed control freak, Narcy had to cede control of life and music to the vagaries of the virus. He had five shows in Europe lined up in March which were canceled and even had a local concert for Jay Electronica in pencil which did not take place either.

Back home, he teaches hip-hop at Concordia University, and although it will still take a long time to fill a physical room with 200 students as before, he will teach from a distance starting in the fall semester.

“What I have learned from this pandemic is to be thankful for what I have accomplished so far and put it in perspective,” he said.

Without concerts or Dubai trips aligned, Narcy was able to work at home with the Sandhill collaborators and Merci Joey an e-mail. Some songs were half finished SpaceTimth sessions and finally found their conclusion here. Surprisingly, he also finished the project while schooling his two children at home, who Love and chaos.

“I wrote during the day and recorded at night when they slept,” said Narcy. “Or sometimes I would set up recording sessions while they were awake and they were silent and doing creative activities. But they are everywhere in the file, so sometimes I recorded them and involved them in the process so that they could know more about what I am doing. “

“Part of the downside to this is that I don’t know how to slow down. It teaches me to be in the moment and not to stress.”

Narcy didn’t have too much time to rethink the process, so he approached it as a mixtape, focusing on raw production and quick lyrics where he proposed two bars, walked away and came back until the pieces of the puzzle come together.

Love and chaos is also the first taste of a collaboration project to come with Merci Joey called Internet is a fake fake. The online world has changed the way we consume culture and information, and the pandemic has only overworked.

“Every day on Twitter, you are presented with these things about the virus, and a day later, they are debunked,” he said. “This disinformation campaign, combined with the love I feel at home with my wife and children, and the chaos of being in a small place, that’s what it’s about.”

Narcy already spoke about it in the 2019 video “Thoughts and Prayers”, which has superimposed its face on some of the most famous celebrities in the world. It’s a strangely prescient video because not only are bored celebrities touching us more than ever, but it was also a creative visual that didn’t require leaving the house. The song continues here as a bonus track.

Hopefully the unexpected joy of being in the moment making this album of isolationspecifically let things like Oddisee’s verse or Junia-T’s collaboration come to him instead of planning too much-Is continue to be felt in all future projects.

“Part of the downside to all of this is that I don’t know how to slow down,” he said. “It teaches me to be in the moment and not to stress.”

On the contrary, he impatiently awaits the artistic innovations that could arise with so many idle hands.

“When Kendrick releases his album, he is sure to do a live performance in a space with visuals that you have to pay to watch,” he said. “It will happen because there won’t even be festivals next summer, realistically. I think people will find new ways to interact with fans and not be as artificial and controlled “The zoom will be played. It will be the intro of VR and augmented reality. It will be an opportunity for the media to be more immersive, which is a blessing and a curse.”


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