Danny Green explains how the Lakers manage their practice center during the COVID-19 pandemic

If you’re wondering what a post-pandemic sports world looks like (at least immediately after COVID-19 is closed), then an answer that Danny Green gave in the last episode of Load management could give you a decent idea of ​​the precautions that teams are putting in place.

Hopefully this is a prelude to real games.

Green’s response was about how the Lakers manage their practice center after it reopens last Saturday. He detailed the new process after being asked if he had been in the establishment since he unlocked its doors. If you’ve been back in a public gym since you shit the fan, well, this may sound familiar to you.

First, Green said that he has been exercising through private / garage gyms since the league closed its facilities in mid-March. Then he talked about what it is before entering the more formal configuration of the Lakers.

“I have already been tested [entering], they do the swab. They stick a Q-tip in your fucking brain. Blur, “Green shared.”[After you test negative] you come into the establishment, you must wear your training equipment when you enter. The shoes you wear, you have to take off at the door. They give you flip flops at the front. You need to disinfect your hands, disinfect your phone, keys, etc. ”

After that, each Lakers player is assigned a schedule so that too many do not interact / meet at the same time.

“Then you come in with the flip flops they gave you. And whatever [says] in the calendar they give you, this is where you start, “continued Green.” So if I start in the training room, I will start in the training room and get treatment. “

He also said that wearing a mask is mandatory unless you are a player who cannot train with the lining blocking your breathing holes.

As we gathered you, Green said:

“[Once you’re done in the training room] you have your time in the weight room, on the field, but it’s the other way around.

“But when you’re working with the trainer, you’re not supposed to touch. You’re supposed to be 12 feet apart. So they tell you what to do, how to do it. You do your weights

“For players, you are allowed to take off your mask if you cannot train with your mask because, of course, you cannot breathe. But the coaching staff, everyone, has masks. When you arrive on the field they have a seat for you, where are your shoes.

“You change into basketball shoes. They have your time on the clock, like about 45 minutes. And then, after that time, you have five minutes to go out. You don’t use the locker You can’t take a shower there. You go in your car and you go home. ”

When asked why we would go through all of this instead of continuing to use a private gym, Green said the benefits of going to the facility were worth it as the standards were at the NBA level . This means that they have a good floor covering, a three-point control line, etc.

You can listen to the entire episode above, but this particular topic is touched on around the 25:45 mark.

If this appeals to you more, Jalen Rose was also a guest of the pod.

As we summarized earlier today:

In this week’s podcast episode “ Load Management ”, Jalen Rose and Danny Green join Chopz, Adam and Zion to talk about their agreements with Puma, give back to the community, their thoughts on the documentary The Last Dance , the MJ / LeBron debate, and much more. The guys also played a game of “One Gotta Go” with Rose and Green and also drew quick questions on NBA, hip-hop and Marvel movies.

Give it a game.


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