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Racial disparity: Cameron Welch, 18, of Houston, Texas, went to TikTok last week to share the `` unwritten rules

Black teenager reveals unwritten rules to stay safe

`` Don't ride with music too loud, don't put your hands...
The Duchess of Cambridge, 38, marveled in bright yellow when she joined Prince William, 37, to thank Australian first responders in a video message

Kate Middleton and Prince William to send video message to Australian first responders

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid tribute to Australian frontline workers in a video message released today to mark the first day...
Only 23 people used Gatwick Airport in a full day last week - down from its pre-lust average of 45,000

Air bridges to be set up in a few weeks to save the airline...

Air bridges between Britain and countries with low rates of coronavirus infections should be in place by the end of June...
Today, men with the disease are living longer, with fewer side effects than ever, thanks to advances in detection and more precise methods of targeting it.

Your guide to the best prostate cancer care … As it becomes the most...

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, with more than 47,500 new cases in the UK each year.Groundbreaking research, coupled with...
UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was seen in a viral video confronting young rioters on the streets of his adopted hometown of Albuquerque this weekend

Jon Jones and Dennis Rodman Call for Peace Despite Looting in the United States

Sports figures across the country ask protesters to peacefully protest police violence, while UFC star Jon Jones was seen taking aerosol cans against...
Why SEX can ward off migraines ... but looking at the stripes can be a trigger, reveals a neuroscientist

Why SEX can ward off migraines … but looking at the stripes can be...

About a year ago, I had a really bad migraine that I just couldn't change. I had had migraines before, but within two...
Although Woodford Equity Income Fund savers lost at least 23% of their original investment, no one was held responsible for the scandal

Chess coach Neil Woodford still doesn’t have to book a year later

A year of anxiety for Woodford savers: a failed securities picker...
Biden relishes Trump's latest attacks

Biden relishes Trump’s latest attacks

President TrumpDonald John Trump Fauci Says Meetings With Trump `` Dramatically Decreased '' McEnany Criticizes DC Mayor For Not Imposing Earlier Curfew Amid...
Coronavirus England: Government Provides Details On Ease Of Lockdown

Coronavirus England: Government Provides Details On Ease Of Lockdown

Police will monitor the garden parties as the lockdown eases and ask people to leave if they break Boris Johnson's rules - but...
A diver holds a live specimen of Conus geographus collected during a night dive. Scientists have used insulin extracted from the venom of this snail to produce a hybrid form of fast-acting insulin that could work in humans

Sea snail venom used to create a new type of insulin for the treatment...

Insulin developed from the venom of a predatory sea snail could be used to create a "safer and more effective" diabetes treatment, the...

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